She may lose a ballgame, but she refuses defeat

Hailey Rago, clutching her bear named Rags, appears to be your average 13-year-old with a passion for stuffed animals, especially Beanie Babies, of which she has more than 100.

“She’s a typical teen trying to find out who she is,” her mother, Lisa, said.

But what you don’t see — hidden by hair pulled into a ponytail — is a patch of skin and a deep indentation in the lower part of Hailey’s head, marking the spot where a cancerous brain tumor was removed four years ago.

Since then, Hailey has faced death more than once and has fought the urge to give up while enduring 18 months of radiation and chemotherapy.

That Hailey is playing in the National Christian Homeschool Athletic Association basketball tournament, which starts today in Wichita, is a tribute to her not allowing the tumor to defeat her. read more…

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