Home Schooling Meets Big Brother

(Editor’s Note: The following is the 10th of 100 stories regarding government regulation from the book Shattered Dreams, written by the National Center for Public Policy Research. CNSNews.com will publish an additional story each day.)

After moving to Lynn, Mass., in 1993, Michael and Virginia Brunnelle decided not to enroll their five children in public schools, opting instead to educate them at home.

The Brunnelles’ credentials for home schooling are impeccable. Virginia is a certified elementary school teacher, while Michael has a Master’s Degree in Christian education.

Although Lynn Public School officials approved the Brunnelles’ qualifications as teachers, the contents of the curricula and the instructional materials, they still would not allow the Brunnelles to home school their children unless school officials were allowed to conduct periodic inspections of the Brunnelle home “to verify that the home instruction plan is being implemented.” Read more…

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