Grass Lake sisters are thriving in college after homeschool experience

Michelle and Stephanie Carter could be the poster children for homeschooling.

The Grass Lake residents are articulate, smart and driven, with GPAs of 3.97 and 3.99, respectively, at Baker College, says mom and former teacher Karen Carter.

Karen Carter homeschooled her daughters from the fourth grade through their senior year of high school.

The sisters insist they missed out on nothing — except for peer pressure, bullies who feast on the insecurities of others and noisy classrooms.

‘I’ve had a lot of my friends, as I’ve gone through homeschooling and graduated, that wished they could have done it with me,’ says Michelle, 21, who earned an associate’s degree in small-business management from Baker and is ready to continue for her bachelor’s. ‘They were really envious. They never got to experience the joy of learning.’ Read more…

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