Planning for the New Homeschool Year

Summertime is typically when homeschooling parents reflect on the school year just ended and plan for the next season that usually begins in the fall. They not only think about academic subjects, but also about household chores that need doing. Chores such as annual major housecleaning, landscaping and gardening, and clothes inspection.

This may be the year to consider changing what has become the normal homeschool routine to better fit changing needs in the family life. The fable about the busy ant vs. the lazy other bug (I forget which kind) is an excellent illustration about this. Children learn better in a home that is well organized. A practical illustration of this: If the family is cold because summer clothes are still out, while winter clothes are packed away, this may make thinking difficult. Another illustration: If the family cannot move easily from room to room because piles have overtaken the home, then frustration builds for all. Discouragement and guilt follow for the parent who is in charge of managing the household. Read more…

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