Home-Schoolers are Socially Adjusted, Study Shows

Learning at home produces students who are successful � in every way.

Home-schoolers aren’t just achieving academic success. They’re excelling socially, too, according to research from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

The study finds they are better adjusted and more likely to be engaged in their communities than their counterparts in public schools. Case in point: Tiffany Crow.

When she’s not playing pool, the 13-year-old is taking classes with other teenagers at a local home-school co-op. She spends a lot of time around kids her age � in contrast with the image that some people may have of a home-schooled youth.

“I feel exactly like (other teens),” Crow said. “I can fit in perfectly.”

The HSLDA’s Tom Washburne said home-schoolers like Tiffany are well-socialized because they are exposed to a greater variety of people. Read more…

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