At Home On Stage

By all appearances, the Lams, of Palolo, enjoy an idyllic, middle-class lifestyle replete with family excursions, ballet lessons and Christmas craft-making. Though no family can be wholly perfect, the Lams are a shining example of what can be accomplished with forethought and a little risk.

Thirteen years ago, Patricia and Calvin Lam decided to break with tradition and home-school their children. For most or all of their lives, 20-year-old Christopher, currently away at UCLA; Nicole, 17; Joanna, 15; Carter, 11; and Rachel, 6, have spent a good portion of their waking hours in each other’s company, with Mom as head tutor.

‘Back then, home schooling was considered a little more radical than it is today,’ notes Patricia. ‘But there were financial considerations.

‘With a lot of children, private school seemed a little overwhelming. Public school doesn’t quite cater to our moral values, so it was a hard choice to make because it was a little scary to start, but I’ve never looked back or considered not home schooling. It’s been a blessing for our family.’ Read more…

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