Homeschool Speech and Debate Tournament

State Representative John Litz (D-Morristown) gave out awards to the winners of the tournament. The first place winners will advance to the national finals in Lynchburg, Va., in June, but Morristown resident Larry LaPlue, tournament director, said the purpose of the tournament was not about winning first place.

‘As the leadership team of the tournament, we relentlessly stressed this is not about winning awards. Trophies and medals aren’t the valuable thing here. We want the students to develop skills, relationships, and most of all, good character,’ LaPlue said. ‘Realistically, the tournament experience is often more valuable when the students don’t win than when they do win. Learning to cope with losing teaches a real life lesson. When kids learn to work through a loss, even when they have worked hard and done their best, they learn invaluable lessons that will take them further toward their life goals than a first place trophy can take them.’ Read more…

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