“Best Mom” schools, nurtures her sons

Maria Lundgren, sitting in her kitchen Thursday with a live python around her neck, explained that she’s not a normal mother.

No kidding, Maria.

‘Mom, the snake’s about to fall off your neck,’ her 10-year-old, Daniel, said.

‘He’s OK,’ she reassured him. ‘I can feel where he is, sweetie.’

Wearing the python, named Monty of course, is only one of the ways Maria is an unusual parent. Her sons Daniel and 13-year-old Ben nominated her as the county’s best mom in the Daily Record Mother’s Day contest. Daniel’s essay was selected, in part, because his mom sounded unique.

He wasn’t lying, either. Maria homeschools the precocious, red-haired boys and lets them do things other parents might not. In Ben’s case it was getting the snake; in Daniel’s it was getting his ear pierced on his 10th birthday. Read more…

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