16-year-old is youngest ever to graduate from Penn State

Jess Meeker had an easy enough time with her college education, earning a B average at Penn State University and admission to graduate school. But her driver’s license _ that’s a different story…

Meeker’s parents knew early on that she was advanced for her age, her father, Floyd Meeker, said. They had to stop spelling out words when the 18-month-old Jess figured out that ‘p-l-a-y-h-o-u-s-e’ meant she was getting a playhouse as a gift.

‘In first grade, she would come home from school crying because she was sore bored,’ Floyd Meeker said.

That’s when her parents started home schooling her, moving through grades in as little as three months. They expected Meeker to finish her high school curriculum by age 13, but she picked up the pace in order to graduate in the Class of 2000. Read more…

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