Homeschooling growing

In a community with several public and private schools, there is a large group of students and educators which often tends to go largely unnoticed.

Twelve years ago, Donna Owens, a former resident of the Atmore area, along with several other parents, formed a support group for the growing number of home schooling families in the area. Today, the group, Homeschooled Kids & Co., has over 30 member families from Atmore, Walnut Hill and Molino.

‘We’ve seen a change in the group since the original home schooling families,’ said Anne Sherrill, who has been home schooling her four children for 11 years and has served as a past president of the group. ‘They tended to be huge families with eight to 10 or even more kids. Now we see more average families with two or three kids or even single child families home schooling. I think it’s because people are no longer worried so much about socialization issues.’ Read more…

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