World’s Foremost Child Artist Prodigy – Home Schooled and All About Loving Jesus

LOGAN, September 1, 2004 ( – Akiane Kramarik, a soft-spoken 10 -year old girl who lives in Idaho with her parents and three brothers, is very much a normal little girl who comments on having three brothers as sometimes ‘very difficult’, but she is by no means common. Drawing with life-like accuracy from the age of 5, Akiane has garnered international attention and been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and on CNN, CBS and ABC. Her paintings have sold for upwards of $50,000 and she has made substantial charitable contributions to alleviate poverty and hunger especially in children. However, Akiane, also a highly acclaimed poet who speaks Russian, and Lithuanian in addition to English, attributes her talents to God and has as her greatest wish, ‘that everyone would love God and one another.’ Read more…

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