Homeschooled Pianist savant wows jazz world

A story about an amazingly talented kid.

Toronto � The chandeliered ballroom at the Royal York Hotel is empty except for a grand piano and a small boy running laps on the thick carpet. Matt Savage, who is 12, informs me that he’s not yet as fast as he could be, because he’s still getting used to his new runners.

On the keyboard, however, Matt is plenty fast. We have barely been introduced when he dashes through a breezy off-kilter number called Seven Up, one of the 14 jazz pieces he wrote for his sixth and latest full-length CD (Cutting Loose, on Savage Records). His slender fingers scamper around the tune the way a puppy might frolic with a bone. An urbane, post-bebop puppy, if you can imagine such a thing. Read more…

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