More homeschooled students enrolling in college early

It’s nice to have that option. I’m not sure I would want my kids in college at 14 even if they are educationally ready.

Students in Alisha Miiller’s Delta College French class did a double take when the 14-year-old told them her age.

‘We were going around talking and asking people how old they were, and when we got to her, whoa – people were amazed she was 14,’ said Pamela Renna, Miiller’s French professor.

Miiller is one of six children of Greg and Lori Miiller of Pinconning. The couple have homeschooled all their children.

As a result, some are as many as four academic years ahead of their peers.

That is consistent with a growing trend at community colleges, where more homeschooled high school graduates are enrolling at younger ages, said Duff Zube, director of admissions and records at Delta College.

‘We are seeing more and more of this, and that is because more and more students are being homeschooled,’ he said. Read more…

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