THOMAS: Not persuaded by homeschoolers arguments

After the huge flood of letters responding to his recent column, Thomas claims he hasn’t changed his mind about homeschooling. However, he seems to have toned it down a bit. My suspicion is that he wrote the first column just to create a stir.

OPINION – Thanks for all the good reading. Insults and over-reactions aside, I enjoyed the outpouring of emails I received through and at the radio station in response to my observations of home schooling. It is interesting to observe a very small minority respond with such passion.

In response to last week�s column, I was treated to dozens of testimonials from proud home schoolers, both parents and former students who consider their home school experiences to be successful.

Quite honestly, some of the �successful� results that were presented actually re-enforced my concerns, but more often than not, I was persuaded that, for some folks, home schooling is the best option for their families.

But, I had already acknowledged that. My point was not that home schooling isn�t right for some. My point was it probably wasn�t right for most. Read more…

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