Home-schooled student booted from band

This happens all over, Sometimes there is a clear law, sometimes not. In any case parents need to advocate for their child or band together and create their own activities.

Tuesday afternoon, eighth-grader Tiffany Hasley went to band practice at Beatrice Middle School. Her teacher was waiting for her. He called her into the orchestra room, she said, and told her that she wouldn’t be able to participate in band past the eighth grade.

And he told her she’d have to give up her spot in the marching band’s flag corps, which she had just tried out for � and won � this spring.

Tiffany was disappointed, but finished that day’s practice anyway, she said. She went home after band and told her parents, who are now trying to decide what to do.

Tiffany lives within the Beatrice School District, but is home-schooled. Read more…

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