Homeschool band

Starting a homeschooled band has become easier as there are now so many homeschoolers.

Walk into the fellowship hall in Lawrence’s Holy Trinity Lutheran Church any Wednesday and you are hit with the strains of a school band piercing the midweek silence settled over the rest of the building.

The scene is a familiar one. Young musicians tap their feet to the song’s beat while the conductor tries to keep them all in rhythm. Mishaps vexing any band punctures the melody of songs � the clarinets sometime squeak, the trombonist works to correct a flat note and the drummers go offbeat occasionally. Parents watch it all from the back of the room.

It could be a scene from any band room with any students in America. But this pioneering group has one notable difference � none of these musicians goes to a traditional school and this certainly isn’t a conventional band rehearsal. Meet the Central New Jersey Homeschool Band, the first of its kind in the area. Read more…

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