Are you the Hippy Type or the Religious Type?

This story contains a lot of talk about why people homeschool. There is no one answer.

FAIRFIELD – It’s not what other kids think it is.

When other kids find out Teri Speel’s two children are homeschooled, they’re entranced.

‘They think we watch TV all day,’ the Fairfield resident said.

It’s not what other adults think it is.

‘There’s a whole mythology that kids need to go to school to learn how to deal with bullies and those things,’ Fairfield resident Betty Raines Azwell said. ‘Kids go to school to be educated, not to learn socialization. And a lot of socialization is negative. If people acted in the workplace like they do in the school yard, it wouldn’t be OK. That’s not empowering kids, that’s turning them into victims and tyrants.’ Read more…

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