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Homeschoolers represent lost cash

Did this administrator just say that out loud? I suppose the converse is also true. Public school students represent cash to administrators.

When Madison Schools Assistant Superintendent Daryl Stumph saw that the district has the highest percentage of home-schoolers in the county, he saw an opportunity.

‘We crunched the numbers and we said, well, why is that number so high, and we also said that we need to communicate with these parents,’ he said.


Because every home-schooled student represents $5,000 in lost revenue. Read more…

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  1. So now homeschoolers are responsible because the schools can’t buy mops and uniforms? Puh-leeze.

  2. That is pathetic that they would point the finger at homeschoolers for their “lack of funds.”

    Have they ever considered how much money they lost in revenues from children who were aborted, who never got to see the light of day? How many of those children are missing from their schoolrooms? Guess they are going to start backing pro-life movements now, huh? Did the school district have anything to say about that? I doubt it.

    If this country’s public schools’ educators want to decry something, let it be the children who never got to be born. It’s a shame they equate children only as a potential means of revenue.

    A new roof, huh. And they aren’t even 10 years old.

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