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Homeschoolers split over education bill

We had a link a few days ago to the debate about this controversy.

The bill would clarify some of the federal laws that were written for public schools but impact homeschool education.

Education legislation has divided those in favor of homeschooling with supporters applauding efforts to guard against discrimination, and opponents fearing government intervention. Read more…

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  1. It seems the main thrust of the bill is to stop “some” colleges from using the lack of a state issued diploma as an excuse to not consider homeschoolers for admitance. In my experience, the opposite is happening.

    While I’m sure that colleges are looking for standardized ways to identify that a certain homeschoolers is or was in fact a homeschooler, I also believe that in the real day to day of admissions, most colleges are using SATs as the main document. I’ve even been told by admissions people that they hardly EVER look at a high school diploma. The general feeling is that they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

    To homeschooled parents I would suggest this, before deciding on supporting the HONDA bill or not: Call the five colleges in which your children are most likely to apply. Ask the admissions person if they heavily weigh a diploma in the admissions process. If not, what DO they do? I’ll bet a majority of them will be more than happy to tell you how to get your homeschooler in THEIR college. They’re recruiting! And for good reason. But that’s another story.

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