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Does homeschooling promote segregation?

That seem to be the opinion of this author from the Middletown Journal. But do kids really integrate in public schools?
Having spent the better part of 20 years overseas � 14 in Europe and the last six in Africa � I guess I am qualified to speak about change. It is often difficult to notice change when it is happening around you, but, when one has been away for a while, change often jumps out at you upon your return.
When I return to Middletown for an extended holiday, friends and family often ask if I see any difference in the way the city looks. All cities change over time, be it new roads, landscapes or housing development. Cities, including Middletown, are always in transition.
I am much more interested in the changes involving people. Read more…

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  1. I fail to see how the funny anecdote about frying chickens applies to the question of whether or not homeschooling is effective or beneficial. Opponents of *homeschooling* say we’re not a nation of robots, therefore we shouldn’t give much weight to the idea that homeschoolers do better on standardized tests? Huh, tell that to the teachers’ unions or the legislators when the shoe’s on the other foot and they’re trying to force homeschoolers to take tests. And who are these robotic homeschoolers he’s describing? Seems that’s the last thing most homeschooling parents want for their kids, and it’s the reason many of us homeschool in the first place. We’re people, not robots, and we want our children educated as such.

  2. Like Mama Squirrel, I fail to find anything relevant in the chicken story. But coming from someone deep into Chinese astrology, what should I expect? The robots are in schools. The “real world” definitely is not happening in school, where kids are trapped in four walls for 8 hours a day, 9 months a year.

    Us? We get out in the community, visit the elderly, visit the needy, help at church, go shopping, to the bank, to museums and zoos… and we work. We do “school” work (I hate the word “school”; we educate!!), and my 8 year old already does all the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking care of siblings, and some cooking. And enjoys it! My other children are following suit. They know they are useful. I know plenty of grownups who can barely boil water.

    My advice to Mr. Chinese Astrologer? Get a life… in the real world.

  3. like all other people who make comments about homeschoolers,he doesn’t have a clue.In my opinion he is a horse’s backside.Homeschooling saves our kids from undue influences,sexual harrassment,drugs and alchohol.not to mention awful worldly views.Each homeschool family homeschools for their own reasons ,what will bennefit their children best.We has American citizens have that right,and this guy does n’t even care enough about his own country to live here,let alone have any kids in the school system he is so for.In my opinion he needs to take a long walk on a short bridge ,and keep his comments to himself. thank you paula

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