The Homeschool Bug

A lengthy but interesting article profiling a few homeschooling families.
Chloe Evans pleaded with her mother.
‘Mom, I really want to go to kindergarten at Beacon Hill,’ the 5-year-old said last summer.
‘OK. I’ll think about it,’ Melanee Evans replied.
Chloe pressed. ‘Just let me do it, Mom.’
Evans had been homeschooling Chloe and big sister Alexandra for two years. But the Kelso mother of three — Lily is 1 — realized her middle child needed to try public education.
‘I’m an open person — opinionated, but open,’ said Evans. ‘I instinctively felt she needed a choice.’
Chloe registered at Beacon Hill. So committed to her children’s autonomy is Evans that she offered her oldest daughter, who is 7, the same option.
‘I sat down with Alexandra, and said, ‘Would you like to go to second grade at Beacon Hill?’ ‘
‘She told me, ‘I want to homeschool.’ ‘ Read more…

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