Advocate Encounters Black Pastors’ Resistance to Home Education

In case you never noticed, homeschooling has not taken the black community by storm.

(AgapePress) – The CEO and co-founder of the National Black Home Educators Resource Association (NBHERA) says many survivors of Hurricane Katrina are not aware that public schools are not the only educational option for their children. However, in her effort to raise awareness of home schooling in the black community, she has encountered surprising resistance to the concept.

Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, NBHERA director Joyce Burges visited shelters in Louisiana, asking families whether they had ever considered home schooling their children, and talking to them about the practicality of that choice. She says many people with whom she talked had not heard of home schooling, but when they learned that the law permitted them to do it, they showed great interest in the idea. Read more…

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  1. As an African American mother who does home base learning, this article didn’t surprise me. I have noticed that in my area homeschoolers are mostly not minorities. I think, as homeschooling catches on you will see more minorities turn to it, as an alternative to traditional schooling.

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