Unschooled Wild Child

The Dallas Observer has a piece describing unschooling as the stepchild of homeschooling through the story of one kid’s unconventional life. (Hat tip to cobranchi.com)

When Quinn Eaker dropped out of a Colleyville high school in the second month of his senior year, his mother was so happy she threw him a huge party. A hundred guests descended on their home to celebrate Quinn’s return to the freedom in which he’d been raised: days on end without classes, tests or grades, days free of any schedule, days for Quinn to learn what he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted.

He returned to being unschooled.Read more…

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  1. Why use the term “wild child.” The terminology used by the writer concerns me more than the manner in which this child was educated.

  2. “Wild Child” would refer to a child being raised by wolves or in similar fashion. That was my first thought when I read the title. I agree with the previous comment. The article is very interesting. Very informative.

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