Home Education Seen As Timely Solution to Failing Public Schools

I don’t really feel like I need to convice others to homeschool. They usually come to that conclusion all by themselves.
(AgapePress) – An effort to double the number of home school students in the United States is off and running, and already the response has been positive. E. Roy Moore, the man behind the launch of the ‘Homeschooling Family to Family’ project, believes the time is right to push home education.
‘Christian faith home schooling is America has come of age,’ Moore says, ‘and it’s time now to get on offense and become more outreach- and evangelistic-oriented in our presentations.’ He believes faith-based home schooling is an increasingly attractive option, especially since growing homosexual influence in public schools and the schools’ anti-parent policies regarding sex education and abortion are raising the anxiety level of many parents today. Read more…

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