Success of home-schooled

One of two opinion pieces entitled “Home-schooling in the modern world”, this one pro.

Like many critics, I used to feel vaguely sorry for home-schooled kids. What a shame, I thought, that they might be deprived of the well-rounded education and social skills to become integrated, productive members of society. I never thought to question why cafeteria food fights or the predatory pack habits of teenage girls would be better for molding productive members of society. Read more…

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  1. I read Shaunti Feldhahn’s article from a couple of other sources before seeing it on I have read one of her books, “The Veritas Conflict” and really liked it. It is always nice to see someone who was perhaps critical of homeschooling, for whatever reason, begin to see the benefits of it and start supporting those of us who do it.

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