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Worries about the long-term impact on public education

Another in the series “Home-schooling in the modern world.” This author seems to argue that allowing diversity in educational choice will result in a lack of societal diversity. Also, she advocates sacrificing individual children for the good of society. What are they teaching at Harvard?

Here’s the problem with looking at short-term studies on home-schooling.

Positive scholastic outcome of a sample of home-schooled children isn’t the only issue.

You have to think about the long-term effects of what this trend means for the future of education and the segregation of our school system over ideology. Read more…

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  1. Where do you even start with this one?

    “Positive scholastic outcome of a sample of home-schooled children isn’t the only issue.”

    Maybe not the only issue, but a pretty big one all the same. If you were testing public-schooled children, wouldn’t a positive scholastic outcome make everybody pretty happy?

    “Home-schooling is not about how public schools teach so much as what they teach.”

    Our family’s home schooling isn’t about what or how the public schools teach at all. It’s about providing the best education possible for our children. Period.

    “Most of these parents are willing to take on traditional roles of male breadwinner and female caretaker to accomplish this end.”

    You have a problem with that? I’d say that’s our own business…would you require me to be out in the workforce and have my children in daycare and public school because of YOUR ideology?

    “It makes you wonder if the intensity of this commitment isn’t so much about a good education as it is about political inculcation.”

    No, it’s about a good education. If I wanted political inculcation, I’d send them to public school.

  2. sacraficing for the greater good is a term that we as a country need to do away with. public education is failing miserably.
    A young homeschooled woman from my community now attending college actually had to correct an english proffesor about a grammar mistake. This was at UMASS by the way. I think that speaks for itself. Homeschooling will continue to grow until REAL chages take place. That will NEVER happen.

  3. “Parents who choose home-schooling want to instill in their children their own deeply held beliefs.”

    That’s a very short-sighted comment. I don’t know many parents, public, private, or otherwise, who don’t make some kind of effort to instill their own beliefs into their children. Who doesn’t try to shape their own child’s moral character?

    The argument here seems to be that home schooling families are to blame for the declination of this country’s public school system. It’s actually laughable, considering that PRIVATE SCHOOLS (including Catholic schools) outnumber the homeschooling community by, oh, about 7 million.

    It says the author is a Harvard-educated “freethinker”. Perhaps she just has a grudge over a homeschooling student who ended up blowing the bell curve for her. ;)

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