Voting Begins for the Homeschool Blog Awards

Spunky has opened the polls for the Homeschool Blog Awards until December 26th. There are several categories and lots of great blogs out there. Go and check them out and vote for your favorites.

I was surprised (shocked, I tell you!) to see HomeSchoolBuzz nominated for Current Events blog. Considering some of the competition, I am humbled by the thought.

The voting process is fast and easy thanks to the wonderful homeschoolers at StillThinking.

You may cast ONE vote in each category. You may only VOTE one time. Extra votes will not be counted. All votes are final and cannot be modified once you submit your ballot. The purpose of the email is only to ensure that people only vote one time. Emails will not be saved after the contest is over. Read more…

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  1. I love homeschoolbuzz! It’s probably the news that I most regularly check…especially with the ability to have it on the sidebar of my blog.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!


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