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Homeschooling a �Form of Child Abuse� says B.C. Liberal Candidate

Are parents ill-equipped to raise their own children? Obviously not.
SURREY, January 10, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) � B.C home schooling parents are dismayed after discovering harsh comments about home schooling made by Jim McMurtry, Liberal party candidate for South Surrey, B.C., in the September/October 2003 edition of Teacher Magazine.
McMurtry wrote that parents who educate their children at home are �condemning their children to an impoverished, friendless, and segregated learning environment.� Home schooling parents, he said, �participate in what can be perceived as a form of child abuse.�
Paul Faris, Director of the Home School Legal Defence Association said, �Jim McMurtry has insulted every home schooling family in Canada,� Read more…

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  1. I attended public school and I feel like I missed out on a lot of learning. For instance, in the eleventh grade my school was short an english teacher so they had the drama teacher step in. We watched movies all semester. I thought it was great- but I didn’t learn anything. My tenth grade history teacher gave us work sheets every week and let us grade our own in class. We just filled in the answers as he went along and he didn’t catch on. We were allowed to use the worksheets for the test- all the answers were right there, word for word. I got an “A” that semester- didn’t learn a thing about history. My mom had no idea. I got good grades. I graduated with honors, yet I didn’t know that the difference between Washington state and D.C. If you ask me, that’s some form of child abuse. I want to know what and if my child is learning. That, to me, is more important than being the prom queen.

  2. My oldest child went to public school until 5th grade. Do you want to know what he learned there?

    He learned that his teachers were too busy to teach him to read so they sent him home with flash cards with instrustions for me to teach him.

    He learned that it isn’t fun to be on the bottom of a pile of 9 boys that want to beat him up while the yard duty teachers are chit chatting,and not watching the kids.

    He learned it doesn’t get you anywhere being a soft hearted good kid. Especially in a society where liars, cheaters, and theifs are bred, he had to take the blame over and over for other children. While the school principal believed everyone else and never took him aside to get his story.

    He learned that you are judged by your parents’ career choices, the size of the house you live in, how much money your parents have, how “in style” your clothes, shoes, or haircut are.

    He learned that his school “friends” only wanted to steal whatever he had that they did not, and their parents would lie for them.

    He learned that no matter how hard your parents fight for you with the public school system, that the public school will seem to always win. Or do they?

    Is this the education that our children need to learn? Are these things important? Are these the types of friends they are supposed to have? The business loan officer at the bank doesn’t care what your high school popularity ratings were.

    I think what my child learned from Public school is abuse. My children are learning faster and more than any public school could possibly teach them. Plus my children get hugs and kisses from their teacher.

    Do you know who wins when it comes to schooling now, MY CHILDREN!!!!

  3. I started homeschooling my son when he went to first grade.His teacher died before The September 11,He was not learning anything but coloring books in the library,until they could find another teacher.When all the bad stuff went down in New York,some of the schools had bombs,but they didn’t know which ones.I think it’s abusive to send your children to schools where the care givers don’t care.When my little boy was in pre-k,same school,at the middle school next door they had total school lock down because a boy was locked in the bathroom,he wanted to kill himself,his teachers,his parents,(what I want to know what made his life so bad,nobody even knew what was wrong with him)!None of the parents even knew what happened that day,if you didn’t work at the school,you don’t even have a clue.Most people only send their kids to school to get rid of them for the day.Then they start having problems with their children and don’t know why.My friend is part of the school system she spends an average maybe 1 1/2 hours a day with her kids making dinner and putting them to bed,7 days a week(she wonders why her kids tell her they hate her).It is so sad when we can’t raise our kids the way God wants us to,if someone wants to complain,what child abuse is the should examine the school system and find out how many children have hidden depression in between school and home life.When homeschool children,home and school and church are much happier children.(Mother studying to be a Preacher,homeschools a 2year old,3year old,4year old,3rd grader,and 5th grader)God provides all our needs according to what He thinks we need!God Bless Everyone!

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