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20/20 On Homeschooling

Spunky has a quote from the John Stossel special on tonight. He says some good things about homeschooling. I always liked Stossel.
Here’s a preview quote from John Stossel’s email newsletter. His 20/20 ‘Stupid in America: How We Cheat Our Kids.’special on education airs tomorrow night at 10PM.
“We shot a segment on home schooling for my special, and I was amazed to watch the enthusiasm of the kids and the teachers. In my NYC community, it’s assumed that home schoolers are all religious wackos whose children don’t learn to socialize.” Read more…

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  1. My husband and I really enjoyed watching this segment. This morning, my husband told me that we definitely made the right decision removing our son from traditional school.

    We have seen our son not only blossom, seeking volunteer and mentoring opportunities at our local Boys and Girls Club but his reading and writing scores have dramitically improved.

    I hope that the segment will not only cause an increase of conversations between parents and caregivers but give them the courage to make changes in their children’s education. As one mother said ” I only get to do this once.”

  2. I am the mother of 5 teenagers. I homeschool 2 of them. My homeschooled children are getting a far superior education than their siblings in public school. They are denied the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities that the public school has to offer. These activities are the only reason my other children are in public school. They would be denied the chance to receive sports scholarships to college.
    I feel very confident in the education my homeschooled children are engaged in. I know they will be successful adults and better equipped to deal with the many situations the REAL world has to through at them.
    I applaude John Stossel for his report on “Stupid in America”. He highlighted many of the concerns my husband and I have seen with our own eyes.
    It is amazing that an active parent in public school is labled an enemy of the school, because we who are involved see the shortcommings and mess our public schools have to offer. I am tired of our school systems always blaming the problem on lack of funds! Money is not the problem, the system is the problem. Until we change the system and push for school vouchers the system will remain broken.
    I wish that every parent in America who is fed up with this mess would homeschool their children, and help other parents, who can’t afford to be at home, homeschool their children as well. If enough children were removed from public school, our politicians and judges would have to take a proactive and realistic look at the garbage heap we call public school.
    Thank you for the opportunity to vent!
    Tina Gambill

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