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Same-age Socialization Not a Good Thing

An excellent discussion of the real problem of socialization as commonly accepted today.
The mere whisper of the word brings back memories of the eighth grade and a girl named Allison. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to travel in the circle of Allison�s favor. Everyone wanted to be ‘popular.’ Now, it is my children and the children of my friends who are eighth-graders and I revisit the phenomenon of popularity-seeking from an adult perspective. There is still the classic concern, among children and adults, that a child have many friends who are the same age as she is.
Personally, I think the concept of children having many friends their own ages is highly overrated. I have a friend with six grown children who are all really lovely. She says that if your children are ‘popular,’ then you worry. One of the blessings of home education has always been socialization. So often, the question of socialization is thrown out as the stumper. ‘Surely,’ the critic asserts, ‘you can�t socialize children adequately without a vast collection of same-aged peers.’ On the contrary, the absence of a huge peer group is nothing but a benefit to parents whose goal in socializing their children is mature wisdom. Read more…

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