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Virginia Considers Relaxing Home Schooling Requirements

Virginia is currently one of the few states to require parents to have a bachelors degree to homeschool. [Update: According to an alert HomeSchoolBuzz reader, there are options in Virginia to homeschool without a bachelors degree.]
RICHMOND, Va. – Even without a higher education, parents in Virginia would be allowed to home school their children if some lawmakers get their way.
The state Senate and House of Delegates are considering legislation to change home schooling criteria. Read more…

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  1. That article is wrong. There are other options to choose from. The person that wrote that article didn’t check the law. You don’t have to have a bachelors degree.

  2. Virginia really is hard on homeschooling. But the Degree part is bull…, I have been homeschooling a Great-Grand child for 5 years.I’m told I am breaking the law, because the Child is not my very own.I’m Seventy years old and have been an aide in the Va. public system for a number of years. But at the same time she is 10 and in 5th grade,doing well she is reading on a 6th grd.level. Shes one of thoes that knows the words,her vocobulary could be better. Sorry to have gone on and on,but I just had to get my 2 cents in.”Hope I don’t get myself in trouble for writing this. Don’t know if this is a blog or if I put my foot in my mouth!

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