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Opponents Blocking Homeschool Sports Bill

Obstinate opposition.
Opponents in the South Carolina Senate are blocking a bill that would allow home-schooled students to be on the sports teams or band at their local public school. The bill is on the Senate calendar, but not going anywhere.
It would allow students who are home-schooled to take part in interscholastic activities at the local public school for which they’re zoned to attend. Read more…

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  1. It’s funny the woman who homeschools her 6 children asks how the schools can make sure that homeschooled kids meet the academic requirements. It’s very simple. In South Carolina parents have to keep progress reports. All you have to do is show your childs progress report to the schools. Just like you do at some places that give prizes for good grades.Parents do pay taxes. If they want their children to be able to participate in sports etc. They should be able to.

  2. Athletics are one of the many “extracurricular activities” in which students who are enrolled in a school have the opportunity to participate. It’s not required. It’s a right and privilege afforded those who attend. Student athletes represent the schools in which they are enrolled. If a child wants to play, he should enroll in the school.

  3. The “tax” argument is so invalid. We need to come up with a better argument than that if we ever want our children to be able to participate.

  4. I’m sure most people already know this. There are recreation centers in each city that offer sports that are open to all children. You can look it up online or in the phone book. And for military families there are youth programs on base. Kids can play sports there as well. Just as a compromise until our children can play sports through schools or for those who don’t feel they want to go through the schools. Which is understandable.

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