Affluent, creative-class homeschoolers

A BusinessWeek story about the ‘growing’ number of affluent homeschoolers (as if it was previously confined to poor rural folk). I do like the phrase ‘white-colar farm.’
Slater Aldrich doesn’t attend any of the top-shelf public or private schools near his family’s Madison (Conn.) home, not even his mother’s alma mater, the $18,000-a-year Country School. Instead, the 11-year-old spends his days playing the role of town zoning officer, researching the pros and cons of granting approval to a new Wal-Mart. Other endeavors include pretending he’s a Sand Hill Road venture capitalist, creating Excel-studded business plans for a backyard sheep company, and growing his own organic food. ‘It’s kind of like living on a white-collar farm,’ says his dad, Clark Aldrich. Read more…

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