Vocabulary Bridges: From English to Latin & Greek (Curriculum review)

Kathy reviews some vocabulary curricula.
There is value in doing some sort of vocabulary studies in your homeschool.
I’ve had a ‘laid-back’ approach in the past with anything to do with spelling or other similar vocabulary programs, but since we’ve started learning Greek, the whole idea of words and their origins have taken a priority place in our lesson plans. Read more…

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  1. I, the mom, love words. My 13 year-old son uses Vocab. Bridges. No complaints. He has had 3 years of Latin. I have him work on it for 20 min./day. Maybe that’s too much?

  2. You should individualize the workbook to the student. The publisher suggests 1-2 words a day for a 10 year old, and 5-10 per day for a 15 year old. If your son is not complaining and learning the words (using them in his speech or writing), then it sounds like for him, 20 minutes a day is fine.

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