Coffee-shop homeschooling

Tucked in a back room at Java Rave is a desk surrounded by a list of states, a world map, a counting grid and a sheet of vowels.
The coffee shop on Sandusky Street serves more than customers. It’s where 8-year-old Gregory Barger works with his mother, Jennie Barger, on his homeschooling activities.
Jennie mixes helping customers with their orders and helping Gregory with his assignments. Read more…

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  1. Nice story! I sent this to the author: “Thanks for the positive spin on educational opportunities outside of the traditional brick and mortar school.

    We are homeschooling in non-traditional educational settings! We’ve homeschooled at McDonalds, IHOP, Steak -n- Shake. Perkins, Bennigans and Pizza Hut…..and that was just last month. We have many community activities scheduled during the day, that in an effort to conserve gas, I have resorted to eatery-homeschooling between activities! Best part? The teacher gets unlimited hot coffee refills!”

    I think I’ll blog about “restaurant-schooling” someday soon!

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