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Help Promote Homeschool Scouting

Jay Ryan asked me to post a link to this. Scouting is a great institution. Combine that with homeschoolers and you really have something.
Are you a member of a homeschool scout family? If so, would you or anyone in your scout unit be interested in helping to promote scouting among other homeschool families? Read more…

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  1. We are very active with Cub Scouting but are not part of a Den or Pack just with homeschoolers, there just isn’t enough of a demand.

    Three years ago when my oldest was entering Scouting we did look into a HSer only Den but just couldn’t stir up enough interest.

    Scouting has been a wonderful thing for my boys and our family has enjoyed it. I highly recommend Cub Scouting to homeschooling families. (Cub Scouting is very different as they are very family friendly, compared to Girl Scouts as they are very girl-centered and are pretty anti-family if you ask me.)

    I know some HSing families who do 4H HS groups because those allow both genders to join and multiple ages to mix together in one club.

    Cub Scouting enourages or requires parental presence at various events and camp outs. Younger and older male siblings can participate but aren’t officially Scouts unless they join in with their own rank. Female siblings can do all scouting events including camping and the regular meeting attendance and participation.

    Compare that with Brownies who even forbids that a volunteer leader not bring a sibling of either gender to any meeting that is being held. Daisies and Brownies are girl only and siblings and even parents cannot attend meetings. (At least not per the Council rules for the Council in my town.)

    I have also learned a lot by seeing the schooled kids and some good is received by me being around schooled kids and seeing how they are compared to my always HSed children.

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