A Greek Alphabetarion: A Primer for Teaching How to Read, Write & Pronounce Ancient & Biblical Greek

I am extremely pleased with this introduction to the Greek language by Harvey Bluedorn.

My 10-year started it this past semester, and has enjoyed his lessons in Greek immensely.

Being independent in this subject especially thrills him. He reads the lesson, listens to the proper pronunciation of the Greek letter with the included compact disc, and then works in a copybook “A Greek Huppogram” (also by Harvey Bluedorn). We then review the material together. He has picked this up so quickly, no doubt due to the skill of Mr. Bluedorn in making this material understandable.

The Alphabetarian is broken up into three parts-the basic Greek alphabet, Greek reading skills for advancing students, and the Greek phonetic system for advanced students. (We are still working on part one). The book is very well organized, and makes what I thought would be an extremely difficult language to learn approachable, uncomplicated, and fun.

It’s a great starter program for those interested in learning Greek, perfect for beginners or those in need of review.

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