A House of Tailors

Any woman who gives birth to 15 children in 18 years deserves a book written about her.

A House of Tailors was inspired by the true story of Author Patricia Giff’s great-grandmother, Christina Schultz, and her emigration to America in 1870.

We all love to hear the stories of our ancestors, what our great grandparents were like when they were young, and what it was like to endure a 3-month transatlantic voyage to start over in a foreign land. How did they do it?

13 year-old Dina wants nothing more than to leave her German homeland, say goodbye to her family’s dressmaking business, and go to America where the ladies wore feathered hats and danced the night away in faille gowns.

Her dream comes true sooner than expected and she finds herself in Brooklyn, and suddenly her greatest desire is only to go back to Germany, her heart aching to return home.

Dina’s new family consists of her stern, but caring Uncle, her tender, and compassionate aunt, and her adorable toddler cousin. Nina’s feistiness and determination help her rise above homesickness, tragedy, and hardship to find love and a future in America.

Giff’s graceful writing flows consistently throughout the book, keeping your interest, making you fall in love with Nina. Her characters are strong and lively and her period detail impeccable.

Girls will especially love the book, and Dina is a worthy role model.

It’s a beautiful book: inspiring, engaging, dynamic, unforgettable. Everything a good book should be. Great Grandma Dina would be proud to know her matriarchal spirit lives on in A House of Tailors.

Patricia Reilly Giff has authored more than 60 books for children and is the recipient of numerous literary awards.

Read more about this gifted author at the link below.

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