A Little History of the World

Everyone loves a good story. That’s what makes this book work.

E.H. Gombrich has taken an overwhelming amount of dates, facts, faces and places, and has stylishly transformed it all into a fascinating, and exciting story of humanity.

A Little History of the World showcases the author’s story-telling skills. He’s like grandpa reminiscing around the dinner table, entertaining the family with his decorative tales of the past. Gombrich starts readers off with a metaphor-to imagine themselves standing between 2 mirrors, visualizing the countless reflections that represent our ancestors. He makes the past from Stone Age to the collapse of the communist system imaginable, reachable, and captivating.

Whether or not you agree with the author’s interpretation of history I cannot say, as I am no historian. At the very least, A Little History of the World will serve as a springboard, wetting your kid’s appetite for more in-depth studies on world history.

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