Among the Hidden (Shadow Children)

The Shadow children are third children, hidden from the population police to keep them alive. In this futuristic society, there are severe penalties for having and harboring third children. Luke is a 3rd child, and though loved and wanted by his family, he discovers a life of isolation isn’t a life at all. He risks everything to befriend another third child, and learns hundreds of other 3rd children are planning a rally to “come out of the closet”. This bold uprising results in violence, and in order to survive Luke comes out of hiding, and takes on the identity and life of a recently deceased second child. The series follows him as he adjusts to a strange school and life on the outside world.

Haddix tells a good tale, and keeps your adrenaline flowing with these page-turners. But, this is a book you want to discuss with your kids. In order to survive the innocent must lie, sneak, pretend, or face certain death. You can’t blame them for their behavior – they don’t want to die, they are forced to live this way, and unless they deceive and ultimately revolt, nothing will change. Before you read the book, decide if you want this button pushing “thought provoker”, and be aware the ending includes a violent death of a main character. There are six additional titles in The Shadow Children series

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