After an abandoned baby girl (Sophie) is left on 12-year-old Larkin’s doorstep, her compassionate family decides to keep the baby, and care for her till the mother returns. With fresh wounds from the their own baby’s death only a short time before, they take on the responsibility with guarded hearts; none wanting to become attached because of the anticipated pain that will surely come later on.

Larkin, and her parents have not talked of their grief; but as they allow themselves to love Sophie, they begin to open up and find healing.

This tale of bereavement will not appeal to all; some may find content too heavy, or pace to slow, or think finding a toddler at one’s doorstep preposterous. This book is not offensive, though it is mentioned that Larkin’s father drinks alcohol, and I did find one “bad” word (d*** it) used by none other than Sophie-the innocent babe only repeating what she’s heard. Undoubtedly her “slip of the tongue” serves as a reminder to be careful what you say around little ears.

Baby is a wonderfully written book. The lyrical flow is reminiscent of a dance, and readers will be moved by the rhythm of the author’s words. Ms. Maclachlan’s soft, gentle tone will bring tears and comfort to those who have known the pain and healing that accompany the loss of a loved one.

If you like a good tearjerker and are known to cry during a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, then Baby will prove a satisfying read.

Patricia Maclachlan is best known for the beloved Sarah Plain and Tall.

Below is her official webpage link, where you will find more of her books, her biography, and reading guides for some of her titles.

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