Bless the Lord – The 103rd Psalm

Johanna Bluedorn, a homeschool graduate and self-taught artist, has illustrated this sweet children’s picture book of the 103rd Psalm. The words “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul”, beckons us to worship our Great God, and Ms. Bluedorn has uniquely combined each verse of this beloved Psalm to her original artwork. A girl walking in flowering meadows, a young boy in the arms of his father, a mare nuzzling her colt-each picture echoes the psalmist’s invocation, leaving the reader with an overwhelming sense of adoration towards God.

The book is intended for children, but all members of your family will want to read this lovely book, lingering on each page, enjoying the beauty of the words and pictures. As you read, it’s as if you can almost hear music, and feel the soft rustling of a warm summer breeze.

This charming hardcover picture book is a precious and endearing work, and you will plainly see Ms. Bluedorn’s love for God and family represented in her renderings. In just a few readings you and your children will have likely committed this psalm to memory, and will find yourselves giving heartfelt praises to God.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul indeed!

The Talented Ms. Bluedorn is the author and illustrator of several other children’s books, all of which can be found at her family’s website

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