Buck Wilder’s Little Skipper Boating Guide: A Complete Introduction to the World of Boating for Little Skippers of All Ages

There’s a lot of information packed in this comical and educational hardcover boating guide. Written in an amusing, “Where’s Waldo” style, kids as young as four and as old as me (don’t ask) will enjoy reading it. Considering we’re not a family of skippers (Gilligans maybe), all the basics of boating and types of boats that we have never learned or ever taught are adequately covered. Learn how boats float, and how to tie all those fisherman’s knots from bowline to half hitch. Each book page is bordered with Buck’s tidbits of information and words to live by, and in case that isn’t enough, your kids can go through the book again and try to find “Fingers” and “Fuzzy” hidden on every page. I can’t vouch for Buck’s other guides, but this one is a winner. Now if he would only write a snowshoeing and other winter survival skills guide for us northerners we’d be all set.

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