Dude, Where’s my Spaceship: Weird Planet book one

While traveling through the galaxy, alien siblings Klatu, Lek and Ploo crash land into the Nevada Desert, and Army officials capture Ploo. Brothers Klatu and Lek use hilarious methods to try and rescue their sister.

If you’re just looking for an amusing book for your kids to pass the time, this will fit the bill. With exception of titles that start with Captain Underpants, I’m all for the occasional “fun and goofy no-brainer” read. But, I have no idea if these particular alien kids are good role models for yours or not, as I have never met an extra-terrestrial to compare them to. My guess is they are your typical alien children from a typical alien family; they use words like “varna”, they eat cardboard pizza boxes, they communicate using ESP, and they morph into different shapes.

Kids who like zany characters and humor will get a kick out of this new series by the creator of the “Zack files“. Young readers will whip through this silly book in no time, which makes it perfect for all those summer library-reading programs.

The Weirdness continues with book 2 Lost in Los Vegas, and book 3 (October 2006) Chilling with the Great Ones.

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