Ender’s Game (Ender Wiggin Saga) Parental Advisory!

This book was originally written for adults, but middle and high school students, and their teachers have embraced it nonetheless. I checked it out from the young adult required reading shelf at my local library. Some reviewers claim Ender’s Game is the best sci-fi book ever written.

The author has indeed created a complex book-unpredictable, chilling, and mind blowing. It’s also vulgar and disturbing. 6-year-old child genius Ender Wiggin is Earth’s only hope to destroy an army of “Bugger” aliens that are believed to have plans to destroy humankind. The government goes to hideous, sadistic lengths to train Ender for the sole purpose of destroying the Buggers.

I enjoy science fiction, as does my oldest son. He saw the cover for this book and thought it was about video games. The book jacket is so obviously marketed to boys his age, and based on that alone most parents would surmise Ender’s Game looks harmless and fun. What the cover doesn’t tell you is that the story is overflowing with profanities and horrific descriptions that include the torture and deaths of animals, as well as several of the book’s characters.

What parent really wants their child reading books that will certainly generate troubling images and thoughts? It’s been several days since I finished reading Ender’s Game and I still can’t get it out of my head. Publishers and reviewers might say that makes the book great. I say it makes it dangerous. Ender’s Game is not appropriate for children of any age.

Currently in production, Ender’s Game is projected to be released as a motion picture in 2007.

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