Everyday Graces: A Child’s Book of Good Manners

Good manners don’t come naturally to most children. Especially mine.

I’ve discovered it is no easy task to transform innately frolicsome, and potty-talking boys to proper and well-behaved young gentleman. Everyday Graces, a fantastic resource for teaching virtuous behavior, has been a “saving grace” for me.

This anthology of classic stories, poems, and commentaries is impressive, and your children will enjoy it. Karen Santorum uses writers such as Dickens, Montgomery, Sandburg and even Pope John Paul II to teach things like good manners at home, appreciating people with disabilities, kindness towards animals, and washing and dressing. No, this book is not a substitute for role-modeling; every day my words and actions must remind my boys such things as to say “excuse me”, and “thank-you”, to hold doors open for others, to chew gum quietly, and to show good sportsmanship. But something about hearing a story helps a moral “sink” deep down into their hearts. Next time they think about telling a lie they’ll remember Pinocchio, or if saying a hurtful word crosses their mind they’ll think back to the story of “Joseph’s Coat.”

Your personal examples combined with Everyday Graces are a great way to teach your children good manners. Give this book a look-you’ll be glad you did.

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