Flat Stanley

A bulletin board falls on a sleeping Stanley Lambchop, and in the morning his family discovers he’s flat as a pancake. Thankfully, he suffered no other serious harm from the freak accident, and his flatness turns out to be very cool. Besides being completely adorable, Stan the man can do all sorts of amazing and adventurous things – like slide under doors when they’re closed, fly as a kite, and travel cross-country in a mail envelope. He even becomes a flat hero by catching some cat burglar art thieves. Flat Stanley is silly, but considering he made his debut over 40 years ago and is still going strong, I’d say he’s proven he has lasting appeal. Kids love him! The story is simple and entertaining, with an old-fashioned charm.

Sadly, Jeff Brown passed away in 2003. Though there will be no new books in the series, the author left a legacy of Stanley adventures for kids to enjoy: Stanley In Space, Stanley and the Magic Lamp, Invisible Stanley, Stanley’s Christmas Adventure, and Stanley Flat Again. Oh, and be aware, a Flat Stanley reading experience isn’t complete without doing your own Flat Stanley project. While at the F.S. official website, be sure to read how the idea for F.S. came about.

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