Frindle is a clever story that will inspire your creative thinkers. 5th grader Nick has an inventive mind, and after doing a report on where words come from, his wheels start spinning. He questions where our names for things come from, and exactly how do words get chosen and agreed upon?

I appreciate Nick’s curiosity; the origin of English words has kept me up many a night. Who hasn’t wondered why a dog is called a dog. Why not call it a kib, or a rewpy? Or in Nick’s case, why is a pen is called a pen..why not call it a Frindle? Despite objection from his language arts teacher, the kids at school eagerly adopt his new word for a long thin instrument used for writing or drawing with ink. Soon, frindlemania explodes throughout the nation and Nick becomes a celebrity.

Kids will enjoy reading about Nick, and are sure to be coming up with their own unusual words for common objects.

Creative, quirky, and harmless, Frindle is a fun, easy read.

For additional information including author biography, history of the pen, the dictionary and interactive quiz and word games related to the book, see this site.

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