Ursula Le Guin creates a compelling world in this haunting story of a father and son’s struggle to accept and understand one another. The “Uplanders” are poor, hard working farmers who possess supernatural powers (gifts) such as the ability to kill with no weapons, make people blind, brainless, speechless, or deformed. Not exactly the kind of people you want on your bad side. The story follows Uplander Canoc, his wife Melle, and their 12-year old son Orrec, as they face difficult times and life changing events.

Orrec’s mother has no powers (she’s a lowlander) but his father does, and although Orrec’s has not yet fully surfaced, circumstances indicate his gift is wild. He chooses to wear a blindfold to keep his family and innocent bystanders safe from the unwilled and dangerous use of his powers.

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