Gregor The Overlander

Eleven-year-old Gregor falls through a wall grate in his apartment complex into an unknown underworld where humans fly on bats, and life-size talking roaches, rats and spiders live in their own complex communities. He learns there is no way out, and the creatures believe he is their long awaited warrior from the Overland (NYC), prophesied to save the underworld from the wicked rats. This “Alice in Wonderland meets The Chronicles of Narnia” adventure story has its share of villains, battles, betrayers and unlikely heroes.

There are some gruesome scenes in the book that may be disturbing to some squeamish readers (a friendly spider is killed and then eaten, another sliced in half, and another group of rats and a human fall to their death), but overall the book was good.

The narrative is “kid friendly”, but on the down side don’t expect any challenging vocabulary.

If your kids like adventuring through strange, imaginative worlds, they should be pleased with Gregor the Overlander.

The Chronicles continue with Book 2 Gregor and The Prophecy of Bane, Book 3 Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, Book 4 Gregor And The Marks Of Secret.

The Final book in the series, Code of Claw, is finally out.

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